My visit to the 16th Annual Redland International Orchid Festival


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The Redland International Orchid Festival is the third orchid festival I’ve attended and so far my #1 pick. Took place at the Fruit & Spice Park in Homestead, FL on May 18-20th.  I swear you have to come to these festivals with your rolly cart, your digital SLR and at least $500 cash (or more if you’re indecisive like me and need one of everything) – you walk around saying, I want, I want, I want!

Well I went with my SLR and realized when I arrived, the memory was still back home in my computer – so I took these pics with my iPhone. My sole mission was to buy an orange orchid to make a corsage for my brother’s prom date that same day. I found the perfect orange cattleya and made a beautiful corsage that I’ll feature in my next post.

I hope you enjoy the pics – if you live in Miami, definitely visit this show next year!


Gorgeous vandas


I didn’t buy this rare particular “Epigeneium Iyonii”, but I bought one with no flowers which came out to $15. This one was probably $50 or more. Its a Phillipines native. Can’t wait for mine to flower.






This is the orange Cattleya I bought to use for the corsage. I’ll be posting how I made the corsage in my next post.


How gorgeous is this display?!






I want to say this is a Lotus flower – someone correct me if I am wrong. In the Fruit & Spice Park garden.




This particular orchid flower native of Thailand was $200! I had to ask why since the flower itself seemed miniature. Its a rare phalaenopsis hybrid. The flower is very thick and rubbery, felt like it could not break.  The grower told us the flowers could last 6 months! *sigh* It’s on my wish list when I hit the lotto…


Pineapple plant.



















I hope you enjoyed these pics!



2012 Flamingo Gardens 31st Annual Orchid Show & Sale – Long Overdue Pics!


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Flamingo Gardens

Long overdue, yes I know! Better late than never and this was an orchid show not to forget. The festival took place at Flamingo Gardens in Davie, FL . A gorgeous garden featuring yummy food, a live band and of course, some amazing orchids. The garden also features a few native critters that you will see throughout my post. I tried to document as many names of the orchids as possible, but I haven’t yet figured out how to read the labels so I’ve done my best to identify some of these. If you know of one I did not name, please feel free to comment!

Thanks for checking out my post and I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the show. =)

This is an Oncidium called ‘Wils. Lisa Devos’

Various Oncidiums

Vanda ‘Bankyeekham Red-Fuchs Delight’

Dtps. Snow Fairy Timothy Christopher

Brlla. Patricia McCully

Paphiopedilum, AKA Lady Slipper orchid

Paphiopedilum, AKA Lady Slipper orchid

Paphiopedilum, AKA Lady Slipper orchid – This one in particular is ‘Hilo Glory’

Various Phalaenopsis

Mounted Mini Phalaenopsis’ for sale

Dendrobium Aggregatum

Mini Phalaenopsis

❤ Love this fountain

Various Lady Slippers

Various Lady Slippers

Gramm Scriptum Hybrid

Gramm Scriptum Hybrid – Full Plant

Critters of Flamingo Gardens

Thank you for visiting!

An oldie but a goodie


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Dubbed “da monster”, this has been one of my first and favorite orchids. My sister rescued it from the garbage at her old job about 2 years ago – sent me a pic immediately with the caption, “is this still alive?!”. So many people throw away perfectly healthy orchids once the flowers fall or the spikes dry up, having received them as gifts, they are unsure how to take care of them and assume they’re dead. I hear this sad situation all the time….*sigh*. Bring me your orchids, I shall revive them!


A triple spiker. I had no clue what the flower was like. Started to spike around November last year, and began to bloom beginning of February. Da Monster has over 40 flowers and going strong. My friend, Randy believes its a variety called “Baldan’s Kaleidescope”. After the first blooms, I started to notice this variety everywhere, it’s a very popular bloom. Enjoy!


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Had to share this fellow blogger’s (and orchid lover of course) visit to the London Orchid Show, how beautiful are these exotic orchids!?

orchids from Leng

Life has been busier than I’d like lately, but nonetheless entertaining. March 17th I attended the London Orchid Society Show, and while I would have liked to have done a more thorough, organized presentation of my photos … it just ain’t happening. It was a nice show, presented in a large atrium at a catholic high school.

I also acquired several orchids, which will be shown in another post, hopefully soon to come … sooner than later. Meanwhile, mostly unidentified, yet pretty, photos of orchids at the show.

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Tamiami Orchid Festival 2012


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This year was my first time attending the Tamiami International Orchid Festival which always takes place every January on the last weekend. It also happens to fall on the same weekend as the ING Miami Full Half Marathon, which since 2010 I ran the half (my very first half marathon). This year I said, whether I run or not, I’m not missing the festival.

Here are a couple of pics of the hundred orchids you can find at the festival and my best interpretation of what they could be.


This one is a “lady-slipper” orchid.


I don’t discriminate Cattleyas, I love them all such as this one and the next.



This is a dendrobium smilliae from New Guinea – I only knew that because I took a pic of the label. 😉


I wish I knew! (if I figure it out, I’ll update this caption)


Same as above – I didn’t get the best shot of the label -_-


I’ll finish it off with another favorite, a Cattleya.

Fairchild Tropical Garden Orchid Festival – Read All About it!


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Ready for this weekend’s much anticipated wonder of the orchid community?!

Fairchild’s 10th Annual International Orchid Festival takes place this weekend starting today Friday, March 9th-Sunday March 11th.

Check out their little video:

Tours, lectures, and plenty to buy!

Couldn’t ask for a better yoga studio in the natural beauty of a garden. Enjoy a complimentary yoga class from Rina Yoga – near the Butterfly Garden on Sunday, March 11.
Yoga for Adults 10:30 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.
Little Rina Yogis 1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Here’s a great article from the Miami Herald on this weekend’s festival. Great info for beginner orchid lovers.

Lastly, follow them on Facebook.

See you there!

Busy Bee


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It’s been a busy week(s) that has taken away more time from much needed relaxing moments. After a long day, looking at my orchids just brings that sense of calm and peace I really enjoy.


Can you relate? And today, I came home to a new surprise.


We had no idea what color to expect but it makes sense now since its roots are a light green, indicating it could be a white flower.

Hope you’re having a beautiful full moon night. ❤

{1st photo – clockwise from top right: Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Vanda, Oncidium; 2nd photo – Cattleya}


My Disney moment of the day



You would have thought I was an 8-year-old having just heard, “kids, we’re going to Disney World!”. My Disney moment happened when I found this flyer hidden under piles of mess on my desk.



In Davie, check out Flamingo Gardens for more information on the event, the garden and discount coupons. (I’m really only going for the food & music. Ha!) I’ve never been to this garden so it should be a treat. =)

I’m thinking I should make a list of what I want…