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Dubbed “da monster”, this has been one of my first and favorite orchids. My sister rescued it from the garbage at her old job about 2 years ago – sent me a pic immediately with the caption, “is this still alive?!”. So many people throw away perfectly healthy orchids once the flowers fall or the spikes dry up, having received them as gifts, they are unsure how to take care of them and assume they’re dead. I hear this sad situation all the time….*sigh*. Bring me your orchids, I shall revive them!


A triple spiker. I had no clue what the flower was like. Started to spike around November last year, and began to bloom beginning of February. Da Monster has over 40 flowers and going strong. My friend, Randy believes its a variety called “Baldan’s Kaleidescope”. After the first blooms, I started to notice this variety everywhere, it’s a very popular bloom. Enjoy!